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AGRISCIENCE FOUNDATION I—Part I of the STEM Academy Agriculture Biotechnology *

A course which includes instruction in animal production, agricultural supplies and services, ornamental horticulture, forestry, agricultural products, natural resources, and agricultural mechanics.


A course designed to develop competency in the areas of production systems selection, livestock selection, soil and seedbed preparation, crop fertilization, exhibiting livestock, facilities maintenance, record keeping, farm safety, and employability skills.


A course which is the third part of a three part series that continues to educate students in the area of production agriculture. Areas covered include recordkeeping and management of both crops and livestock with the major emphasis in animal production.

AGRICULTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY II—Part II of the STEM Academy Agriculture Biotechnology *

This course was developed as a core and is designed to develop competencies in the areas of agricultural biotechnology in agriculture, scientific investigation, laboratory safety, scientific and technological concepts; and the fundamentals of biotechnology.

AGRICULUTRAL BIOTECHNOLOGY III—Part III of the STEM Academy Agriculture Biotechnology *

This course is designed to enhance competencies in the areas of current agricultural biotechnology applications, genetic principles, tissue/cell culture, and the potential for biotechnology in the are of agriculture.


A course allowing students to explore the scope of the Animal Science Industry. Students will study the animal industry as a whole, as well as develop competencies in areas of safety, animal behavior, animal welfare, animal control, and employability skills.. Students will study veterinary medicine, animal genetics, and animal nutrition, as well as operation plans for different species of animals in the livestock industry. Students may obtain AEST Animal Science Certification through this course.

*This course receives weighted honors credit


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