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College Track

Here you will find the information needed to successfully graduate from high school and transition to higher education. 

This track offers the success roadmaps to assist you with navigating the courses needed to fulfill the state college requirements. Test scores, scholarship opportunities, and college admissions requirements can all be located here. 

As a college-bound student, you will be very busy. Besides maintaining good grades in your classes and other activities that go on at school, you will have applications to complete, colleges to visit, and decisions to make.

But please, do not worry, The Wildcat Way was created to assist you with navigating the college process. This is a very exciting time for you, click through this portfolio, and let's get your future started! 

College Lecture
Winding road with grade level signs placed along the road

Academic Course Map

11th Grade

English 3 Honors

Math for College Algebra

Science of Choice

US History Honors or AP US History

Dual Enrollment



10th Grade

English 2 Honors

Geometry Honors

Science of Choice

World History Honors or DE World History

Fine Arts

Elective or World Language Elective

9th Grade

English Honors 1

Geometry Honors

Biology Honors or Environmental Science

Digital Info Tech or Dual Enrollment

Leadership Dev Skills/Air Force JROTC/Aerospace Science/AVID

Elective or World Language


12th Grade

English 4 Honors or Dual Enrollment

Pre Calculus

US Government and Economics

Dual Enrollment/ AP or Elective

Dual Enrollment/ AP or Elective

Dual Enrollment/ AP or Elective

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